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San Cristóbal de las Casas

We just returned from one of our favorite places in Mexico, San Cristóbal de las Casas in the beautiful mountains of Chiapas. This will be More »

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Chiapas Photo Tour

day of the dead photos

There are many options for great photo tours and workshops in Mexico. The reason we offer the Chiapas Photo Tour is simple. We think Chiapas is one of the most interesting places in Mexico. Our Day of the Dead photo tour will not only be a great opportunity to improve your photography skills, but it will also be an unforgettable cultural experience – one for both amateur and advanced photographers.

Why do we love San Cristóbal de las Casas and Chiapas? In the southernmost state in Mexico, you will find amazing scenery, wonderful people, interesting cultural events, a mild climate, and markets loaded with fresh produce, crafts, art and coffee. Chiapas is a destination that you won’t soon forget and one that you, like us, will find yourself returning to frequently.

chiapas photo tour

day of the dead photo tour

day of the dead

Why should you attend our Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) photo tour? First of all, it will be a real experience, not one that is created for tourists. Even more importantly, the observances in small neighboring towns have not become crowded with tourists unlike the Day of the Dead celebrations in Oaxaca or Michoacan. We are going to visit small villages where people take great pride in bringing food and flowers to the graves of their departed family and celebrating their lives.

chiapas photo tour

Here is another good reason why travel is good for you. It’s good for your health. Click here to read why. After working for more than 35 years, visiting more than 45 countries, all of the Canadian provinces and all 50 U.S. states as a professional photographer, I can affirm that travel is good for you mentally and physically. I’m still excited to pack my bags and cameras and leave for the next adventure.

Growing up in a small town, I remember devouring every National Geographic magazine that arrived in the mail. Like many photographers, I always dreamed of working for National Geographic. The real dream began in 1995 when I got the call from NatGeo. Eventually, I would photograph five books for National Geographic in the U.S., Canada and in eight African countries.

day of the dead photo tour

On our travel tours, we will introduce you to the people and places that excite us and keep us returning.

We are offering a discount on early booking for the Day of the Dead photo tour in Chiapas, Mexico. Book by July 1 and get $200 off the regular price. You can see details at: Magical Light Adventures

Magical Light Adventures

We have been working on Magical Light Adventures for more than a month and are excited to share it with you. Our new business will feature photo tours and workshops, initially to our favorite spot in Mexico – Chiapas. We’ll add new tours in 2017 and 2018 in the Yucatan, Guatemala and Cuba. Our dream would be to add tours in Cartegeña, Colombia, the cities and mountains of Ecuador and, of course, the Galapagos.

chiapas photo tour

We love travel and we are passionate about photography and want to share our experiences with a select group of people. We’ll offer three types of trips: tours, workshops and research trips.

Photo workshops will be a more intensive photography experience with field trips and daily classroom sessions featuring critiques and editing. Each workshop will produce a travel book from the week’s photos. Participants will not only learn how to improve their photography skills, but will also learn workflow, book layout and printing techniques.

Photo tours will feature the same hands on photo instruction as a workshop, but will not have the classroom sessions or formal critique sessions. Each participant will receive a photo book containing photos from the group’s photos.

A Photo research tour is offered when we travel to a new place to set up the details for a formal tour or workshop. Group size is limited to four people, will offer photo tips as we work on location, informal photo discussions during dinner or drinks and will be priced lower than a tour or workshop. Our first research trip to Guatemala is already full!

The first opportunity to improve your photography skills is March 2017. You can discover one of the most amazing parts of Mexico – Chiapas. We’ll stay in the colonial town of San Cristóbal de las Casas, visit vibrant indigenous villages, tour stunning Mayan ruins (Palenque, Bonampak and Yaxchilan), and explore the lush mountains and exotic rivers of Chiapas.

Future tours and workshops will be held in the fall of 2017 in Chiapas, with one week featuring Dia de los Muertos, and Semana Santa in Guatemala in March of 2018.

Enjoy the photos below from some of our previous trips to Chiapas and Cuba and click on over to Magical Light Adventures for details.


San Cristóbal, Chiapas








San Cristóbal de las Casas

chiapas photo tour

We just returned from one of our favorite places in Mexico, San Cristóbal de las Casas in the beautiful mountains of Chiapas. This will be the headquarters for our new Chiapas Photo Tour. We’ll announce details on Latin Journeys and in social media within a few days.

chiapas photo tour

In front of the cathedral

Founded in 1528, this magical colonial town features cobblestone streets, colorful architecture, a church for every taste, a vibrant art scene and wonderful people. Plus, with an elevation of 7,200 feet, a great climate most of the year.

chiapas photo tour

chiapas photo tour

It had been a few years since we were here (you can read previous blog posts from October and December 2010 and November 2011 by searching the Archives on the right side of the page), so we discovered several new restaurants. More importantly, we came for a month and rented an apartment, so we visited the local markets as much as visited the local restaurants. There are small, but well-attended organic markets on Wednesday and Saturday where local growers have fresh vegetables (fava beans, greens, squash blossoms, new potatoes, strawberries, etc.), European-style cheeses, and fresh chicken and rabbit. The larger daily market has just about anything you could want, both locally grown and from other parts of Mexico.

chiapas photo tour

Our home for a month was Kukurutz Residencias, centrally located, peaceful, very comfortable with bright apartments, nice terraces and spectacular gardens (perfect for our dog, Yoda). We parked our car in the secured parking area and rarely drove unless we ventured out to the Chedraui (grocery store) or to one of the nearby villages.

chiapas photo tour

chiapas photo tour

chiapas photo tour

Let’s get to the restaurants. There were old favorites, like Oh la la French patisserie (great croissants and apple turnovers) and Pizzeria Napoli (loved the grilled vegetables). New places since our last visit were El Cau (outstanding Spanish tapas and wine), Carajillo Cafe (featuring locally sourced beans from specific farms and blending different bean varieties – all fair trade and all shade grown), Hotel Bo’s Restaurant Lum (upscale and creative at resasonable prices), Bangcook (terrific Thai), Achiote (cochinita pibil) and Casa Lum. Here are a few photos from our eating and shopping while we were in this amazing city.

chiapas photo tour

Duck pate at El Cau

chiapas photo tour

Tortilla soup at Cafe Lum

chiapas photo tour

Spring rolls at Bankcook

chiapas photo tour

Carajillo Cafe

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Checking out the fresh water snails in a river near the ruins.

San Cristóbal Thanksgiving

If you have the good fortune, like us, to return to your favorite places again and again, you might experience what I call the “evolution of travel.” For us, one of those places is San Cristóbal, Chiapas, one of Mexico’s most interesting cities.

Fiesta de Virgin de Guadalupe

One of the attractions of a Spanish class in San Cristóbal, Chiapas during the first two weeks of December is the celebration for the Virgin de Guadalupe.

The fiesta runs from December 1 – 12, and features many events, including processions of indigenous people going to the Iglesia de Guadalupe.