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Hipstamatic Photos

I avoided shooting photos with the iPhone app called Hipstamatic for quite awhile. Now, I look at the method as a challenge. While the treatments can make a boring photo look interesting, a good photo takes on a quality that has an old-time feel. The hardest part of shooting a good photo with the Hipstamatic (or Instagram) app is the lack of controls that you would normally have on a DSLR.

Jennifer shot all of these during our visit to Mexico City. Do you have a favorite?


Maximo Bistrot Local

It took a couple of days to get our bearings and home in on the better restaurants in DF. That’s not an easy task, because there are a lot of good ones.

Art and the Turibus

One of the best ways to become acquainted with a city is by taking a ride on the double-decker tourist buses, seen in most cities. For a first-time visitor to a city the size of Paris, Buenos Aires or Mexico City, the buses are great for getting to see the highlights and getting an idea of where they are located.

Chapultepec Park

Mexico City’s Bosque de Chapultepec is a lot of things on a Sunday. In the morning, it is cool and tranquil, with joggers, cyclists and walkers. As the day progresses and more people begin to arrive, the early morning feeling of solitude and peace disappears.

San Ángel and Coyoacán

One of the best reasons to visit San Ángel is the Bazar Sabado, held, of course, every Saturday.