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What it is Like to Live on Cozumel

The husband and wife team at Yucatan Living asked us to give an overview of our life on Cozumel. Ellen’s brilliant editing makes me look like a real writer, when we all know I’m simply a real photographer.

Enjoy it at Yucatan Living.


Cozumel’s Blue Angel Resort Summer Sale!


Divers should take advantage of this great deal at the Blue Angel Resort on Cozumel. A comfortable, perfect-sized hotel (22 rooms), with all rooms facing the water, a relaxed atmosphere, good food at their restaurant and an outstanding dive shop.

They feature WiFi, in room refrigerators, a nice pool and patio area, a palapa restaurant facing the water, rental gear, top-notch instructors for PADI certification, and their own pier from which their dive boats tie up and depart.

This was my place to stay on the island before I moved here. I still love to dive with Jorge and José.

Here is the deal:

7 nights lodging, 7 days with three meals per day and 5 days of 2-tank dives for $590 USD

4 nights lodging, 4 days with three meals per day and 3 days of 2-tank dives for $347 USD

At these prices you are losing money if you DON’T come.

Here is their web site link with details. Book now, because they say rooms are limited.

Top Things About Mérida

Mérida is one of those cities that I didn’t love at first sight – or even at second site. It has taken multiple visits to this Yucatecan city, but I have grown fond of Mérida.

Luz en Yucatan – One of Mérida’s Best Hotels

We have found more than a few things to love about Mérida after several visits in the past year. One of the main things is the cool, friendly, comfortable hotel, Luz en Yucatan.

Located in Centro next door to the Santa Lucia church (which, for some reason, does NOT ring their bells every morning), the former colonial home has a great mix of Yucatecan style, comfortable beds, and upgraded bathrooms. Throw in an amiable owner, employees who want to please, a great pool, a full-size communal kitchen, and parking across the street and you’ve got the perfect place in Mérida, La Ciudad Blanca.

Hipstamatic Photos

I avoided shooting photos with the iPhone app called Hipstamatic for quite awhile. Now, I look at the method as a challenge. While the treatments can make a boring photo look interesting, a good photo takes on a quality that has an old-time feel. The hardest part of shooting a good photo with the Hipstamatic (or Instagram) app is the lack of controls that you would normally have on a DSLR.

Jennifer shot all of these during our visit to Mexico City. Do you have a favorite?


Maximo Bistrot Local

It took a couple of days to get our bearings and home in on the better restaurants in DF. That’s not an easy task, because there are a lot of good ones.