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San Cristóbal de las Casas

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Best Wedding Photographers Riviera Maya

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Fes, Morocco

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Beautiful and Edible Spain

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Italy in the Summer

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Villas Carrizalillo, Puerto Escondido

You know you’ve found the right place when it’s time to check out and your wife says, “I don’t want to leave.” So, you stay another night, only to hear the same comment the next day.

Top Things to Do in Oaxaca, Part 2

With the help and advice of Alvin Starkman, noted Oaxaca guide and mezcal aficionado, we found a couple of interesting places and people during our day trips from the city. So, here are more top things to do in Oaxaca.

Top Things to do In Oaxaca, Part 1

A story about the top things to do in Oaxaca could begin and end with the word, “food”.

One could simply say, it’s all about the food. You could spend your time in this wonderful city doing nothing but market visits, cooking classes, mezcal tastings and consuming a series of wonderful meals. But, saying it’s all about the food would mean you would miss the interesting architecture, the pleasant plaza and the fine museums and art galleries.

Oaxaca Cooking School

There are several places for cooking classes in Oaxaca. We looked at the options and decided that La Casa de los Sabores sounded like a good fit for our interests. It was a good choice.

Oaxaca’s Rich Foods

There were really good stories on the food culture in Oaxaca in Mark Bittman’s blog in The New York Times last week.

There are two posts on the blog, which is mostly written by Mark Bittman. He has been the food columnist for the NYT for 13 years, has advocated changing the way we eat (more healthy and more local) for years and is the author of “Food Matters” and “The Food Matters Cookbook.”

It made me hungry and it made me want to return to Oaxaca.

The story was done in advance of the 3rd annual food festival in Oaxaca, El Sabor del Sabor, which is held the first two weeks of September. Unfortunately, we can’t go.