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Mumbai, India

Jennifer and I are working on a project in India for a couple of weeks. While we are not able to share the details of that project due to contractual restraints, we can share some of our photos with you that are not related to the project.

It has been 26 years since my first visit to India, when I traveled through the north and visited Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Ranthambhor National Park (tigers) and Varanasi. Jennifer visited for the first time in 2008 working on a book project with Brooks Institute.

Mumbai is a large city (16 million or more), that sprawls from the shores of the Arabian Sea inland to the Ghat Mountains. It has everything that you would expect of a mega-city in a country that is experiencing upward mobility. Rather than blather on with facts and figures, we’ll share some images from our first week here in the downtown area of Colaba and Fort.

Area where the city’s hotels and hospitals send their sheets for washing.

Chicken berry pulao at the Iranian restaurant Britannia & Co. Founded in 1923

Son of the Britannia & Co’s founder, still working the floor at 92.

Boss of Britannia & Co likes to nap near the cashier.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Station is the main RR station built by the British in the 1880s.

Breakfast along the street outside the train station.

Normal morning street scene near the train station.

Gateway of India was built along the harbor and was the embarkation point for transatlantic ships. Now it’s a local spot.

Locals and tourists gather in the area all day, but especially at sunset.

Inside the Taj Mahal Palace, one of the most exclusive hotels in Mumbai.

Carriage rides near the Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Palace.

Roasting corn on the street.

Jennifer loves the mehndi and the Indian salwar kameez.

The Gateway of India with the evening lights playing off of the facade.

View of the Worli neighborhood from the 38th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel.

The Versatile Blogger Award

Latin Journeys has been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award. My friend, Becky Aaronson, who writes the always entertaining blog, An Improbable Life, sent the honor our way and for that we thank her. We have been putzing around with a blog for a little more than a year, but renamed our initial effort Latin Journeys in August, did a redesign and have put more effort into the blog world since then.

There are two things I need to do after receiving this nomination: 1) write seven things that people probably don’t know about me and 2) nominate 15 more bloggers for this award.

1. When I was seven, I cried when the bad guys killed a sheep herder on Bonanza. I announced to the room that I was going to be a shepherd when I grew up. I was at my friend’s house and the whole family laughed at me. I don’t laugh at children when they say silly things.

2. Before I started working as a photographer, I wanted to be a chef and worked in a variety of restaurants to learn the craft. The strangest was the prep cook job at the House of Lum in Aspen, CO. I was the bartender, but was added to the kitchen when all of the Chinese cooks walked out in January and returned to San Francisco. I minced countless heads of garlic, julienned mounds of ginger and sectioned and boned a dozen or so chickens every afternoon. The catch? Not a knife to be found in the kitchen. I had to do it all with a cleaver.

3. I worked as a houseboy for Jack Nicholson and Angelica Houston in Aspen for three weeks in the early 70s. Jack said hi before leaving for skiing and I didn’t see him the rest of the day. Angelica (who didn’t ski) and I talked a little bit about Aspen while I swept the floors, did the dishes, made the beds and did the laundry. It wasn’t cool to be starstruck in Aspen, but should I have been?

4. As a young newspaper photographer in Augusta, Georgia, I was returning from an assignment in South Carolina and spotted a black man, wearing a straw cowboy hat standing by the side of a gold Mercedes on the shoulder of the highway. I pulled over to help, and James Brown said, “It’s cool, I got it little brother.”

5. I only have two regrets in life: that I didn’t sit still for piano lessons given by my grandmother and that I was not a good golf student for my Scottish grandfather who was a golf pro. To this day I love music, but still believe in Mark Twains line, that “golf is a good walk wasted.” I don’t regret not learning golf, I regret that I didn’t please my grandfather.

6. I got drunk for the first time while in high school on my mother’s birthday (Dec. 26) and hurled all over the new sweater she got me for Christmas. She forgave me, but not right away.

7. Latin Journeys exists because of the hard work, the fine design sense and the persistence of my lovely wife, Jennifer. I’m just the writer/photo grunt.

Here are the blogs that Jennifer and I nominate:

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The Blinknow Foundation

We hope you discover some new outlets for information and entertainment.