Cozumel’s Cielo Bay

Finally, we made it to one of Cozumel’s most popular snorkeling spots – Cielo. It wasn’t under crystal clear blue skies, but it was still good.

A great boat ride, arranged by Deanne of Two Ds Diving & Tour Adventures, a terrific lunch of ceviche and pescado frito de mero from La Perlita and a few cold beers made the day perfect.

Our friends Robi and Kathleen, visiting from Montana, were going to have their first snorkel experience. It would be hard to imagine a better first time. Under the calm guidance of José, they both became devoted snorkeling enthusiasts after 15 minutes of cruising Cielo.

The visuals weren’t bad, either. They got a lot better when we arrived at Palancar. For their first time snorkeling they saw starfish (common at the sandy Cielo) a southern ray, a nurse shark, a spotted eel swimming above a coral head and four turtles. Not just four turtles, but one of the largest hawksbill turtles any of us have seen around the island. It’s head was as big as a soccer/foot ball.

Although Jennifer and I love to dive, it was fun to drop down to 20 – 25 feet with snorkel gear and cruise quietly with the fish and even the big turtle. They didn’t seem to shy away like they do when you are loaded down with scuba gear.

Don’t miss this trip if you come to the island. Have you been?