San Ángel and Coyoacán

One of the best reasons to visit San Ángel is the Bazar Sabado, held, of course, every Saturday.

San Ángel, settled in the 16th century, is a cobblestoned oasis surrounded by the bustling city. Large, walled mansions line cobblestoned streets and tall, stately trees provide shade. The real action is around Plaza San Jacinto and the Saturday crafts market. However, it’s definitely a cut above “crafts”, with talented painters for every taste displaying their work in the plaza. Inside Bazar Sabado, the permanent shops display unique jewelry, hand-crafted textiles and beautiful paper flowers.

Restaurants surround the plaza, but from our limited experience and from the recommendations of others, it would be better for food fans to trek the ten blocks to the San Ángel Inn.

On the north side of the plaza, don’t miss the fountain inside of the Museo Casa del Risco, the former home of a wealthy family. Built from china plates and tea cups, shells and tiles, it is one of the most unusual fountains around.

Coyocán is a former village on the edge of city that is now surrounded by the city. Frida Kahlo had her home here, which is now a popular museum, Museo Frida Kahlo, showing her work and her work space. No photos allowed.

The towns’s two main plazas are pleasant and relaxing, and the mercado is surrounded by popular dining spots. Unfortunately, we were full from our heavy lunch at SAK in San Ángel. Too bad we couldn’t have waited, because El Jardin del Pulpo was rocking and calling our names.

We enjoyed both towns and highly recommend a visit when you are in Mexico City. We are staying in San Miguel Chepultepec, not far from one of the MetroBus lines. It was easy to take the bus, which has dedicated lanes to whisk travelers through the city’s often-congested streets.

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